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77 Tattoo Ideas For Men

Looking for tattoo inspiration?

Below are 77 of the most common tattoos for men ranked by popularity.

77. Comic Book Heroes
spiderman tattoo

76. Grim Reaper
grim reaper tattoo

75. Spiders
spider tattoo

74. Family Crest or Coat of Arms
Technically you are not supposed to use a Coat of Arms just because you have the same name. You have to be directly descended from the family to which it was granted.
family crest tattoo

73. Butterfly
butterfly tattoo

72. Aliens
The possibilities are endless ... take inspiration from your favorite Sci-Fi.
alien tattoo

71. Cherub
Cherub are child or baby angels from the Bible and Torah.
cherub tattoo

70. Corporate Logos
Fan of a large multinational corporation? Why not tattoo their logo .... as this Apple fanboy has done.
corporate logo tattoo

69. Bar code
Bar code tattoos are usually a statement about loss of privacy and personal freedom and the growing power of government and corporations in modern life.
barcode tattoo

68. Earth
Might seem kinda hippie but it is the planet where we live.
earth tattoo

67. Leaves
leaf tattoo

66. Scientific and Mathematical Symbols
infinity tattoo

65. Fleur de Lis
The Fleur de Lis has appeared in countless European coats of arms and has been incorporated into the royal and government insignia of various nations.
fleur de lis tattoo

64. Samurai

63. Movie Inspired
actor tattoo

62. Sanskrit
Sanskrit tattoo ... make sure you know what it says.
sanskrit tattoos

61. Haida Art
The Haida are an indigenous nation of the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America. Haida art has inspired many a tattoo artist.
haida tattoo
haida tattoo

60. Bettie Page
Pay homage to Bettie Page the most famous pinup girl of all time.
betty page tattoo

59. Bats
bat tattoo

58. Buddha
Buddha tattoos look cool but don't recommend wearing any religious symbol unless you are a practicing follower of that religion.
buddha tattoo

57. Birds
bird tattoo

56. Scorpion
scorpion tattoo

55. Christian Symbols and Cross
Again, don't recommend tattooing any religious symbol on yourself unless you are a follower of that faith.
christian cross tattoo

54. Harp
harp tattoo

53. Whales
whale tattoo

52. Dinosaurs
dinosaur tattoo

51. Manga Characters
manga tattoo

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