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Cartoon Characters Ranked By Intelligence

        posted by ricky smith, Spacious Planet, October 09, 2011

Ever wonder who's the most intelligent cartoon character?

50. Randy - South Park (IQ: 25)
Randy manages to verbalize many of his thoughts ... amazing considering his IQ.
randy south park

49. Beavis and Butthead (IQ: 28 and 30 respectively)
beavis and butt head

48. Teletubies (IQ range 29 - 33)
Teletubies have not developed beyond the infant phase of development.

47. Barney Gumble - The Simpsons (IQ: 38)
At one time Barney Gumble had an IQ of 109 but the long term effects of alcoholism have taken their toll.
barney the simpsons

46. Cartman - Southpark (IQ: 40)
eric cartman

45. Homer Simpson (IQ: 50)
Homer Simpson is in the range of mild mental retardation.
homer simpson

44. Mickey Mouse (IQ: 52)
Sadly, Mickey Mouse's IQ is only marginally higher than Homer Simpson's.
mickey mouse

43. Peter Griffin - Family Guy (IQ: 60)
Not too quick ... but has Mickey Mouse beat.
peter family guy

42. Phillip J Fry - Futurama (IQ: 65)
Definite feeble-mindedness.
phillip fry

41. Shaggy - Scooby-doo (IQ: 70)
shaggy scooby doo

40. Carl - The Simpsons (IQ: 72)
Carl is in the region of borderline mental deficiency
carl simpsons

39. Lenny - The Simpsons (IQ: 72)
Coincidentally Lenny has the same IQ as Carl.
lenny simpsons

38. Dale - King of the Hill (IQ: 75)
Dale's IQ has been affected by occupational hazards. Specifically, over exposure to bug poisons.
dale king of the hill

37. Louis Griffin - Family Guy (IQ: 80)
This is in the range frequently referred to as mentally dull but not deficient.
lois family guy

36. Luanna - King of the Hill (IQ: 84)
Mild dullness
luanne king of the hill

35. Papa Smurf (IQ: 84)
Papa Smurf is remarkably intelligent for his age (542 years old). His IQ is the same as Luanna from King of the Hill.
papa smurf

34. Winnie the Pooh (IQ: 84)
Same as Papa Smurf and Luanna from King of the Hill.
winnie the pooh

33. Quagmire - Family Guy (IQ: 85)
Quagmire is slightly more intelligent than Winnie the Pooh and Papa Smurf.

32. Simon Chipmunk (IQ: 85)
The smartest of Alvin and the Chipmunks, Simon's IQ is still considered dull.
simon chipmunk

31. Smurfette - The Smurfs (IQ: 86)
Smurfette is smarter than Papa Smurf but is no rocket scientist.

30. Stan Smith - American Dad (IQ: 87)
Slightly dull IQ but easily outranks Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin.
stan smith

29. Zapp Brannigan - Futurama (IQ: 87)
Same IQ as Stan Smith from American Dad.
zapp brannigan futurama

28. RoadRunner (IQ: 88)

27. Spongebob Squarepants (IQ:88)
spongebob squarepants

26. Spiderman (IQ: 91)
Surprisingly, Spiderman only has average intelligence and ranks below the likes of Gumby and Cookie Monster.

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