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Who Are All Those People In Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

        posted by ricky smith, Spacious Planet, May 08, 2012

The album art from Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles is one of the most popular album covers in music history.
beatles sgt pepper
The cover is a collage of more than 60 famous people. Most of the people selected for the collage were requested by The Beatles. For example, George Harrison requested the three Hindu gurus who appear in the collage.

Lennon requested Adolf Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi and Jesus Christ. However, Jesus and Hitler were rejected because the record label feared a public backlash. The record label was nervous because of the controversy over the US Butcher Cover a year earlier. Mahatma Gandhi was excluded because EMI was worried about a negative reaction in India.

EMI needed the permission of all living persons in the collage, creating a nightmare for their legal department. All the celebrities in the collage gave their permission. Only one person, Leo Gorcey was removed from the collage because he demanded a payment of $400.

The following is the complete list of all the people on the cover of Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band:

Top Row- from left to right
Yukteswar Giri - Hindu guru
sri yukteswar giri

Aleister Crowley - Magician
aleister crowley

Mae West - Actress
mae west

Lenny Bruce - Comedian
lenny bruce

Karlheinz Stockhausen - German Composer
karlheinz stockhausen

W. C. Fields - Comedian
wc fields

Carl Jung - Psychologist
carl jung

Edgar Allan Poe - Writer and Poet
edgar allan poe

Fred Astaire - Actor
fred astaire

The Vargas Girl - Fictional Pin-up Girl
the vargas girl

Richard Merkin - Artist
richard merkin

Huntz Hall - Actor
huntz hall

Simon Rodia- Designer
simon rodia

Bob Dylan - Musician
bob dylan

Second Row
Aubrey Beardsley- Illustrator
aubrey beardsley

Sir Robert Peel- 19th Century British Prime Minister
sir robert peel

Aldous Huxley - Writer
aldous huxley

Dylan Thomas - Poet
dylan thomas

Terry Southern - Writer
terry southern

Dion - Singer

Tony Curtis - Actor
tony curtis

Wallace Berman - Artist
wallace berman

Tommy Handley - Comedian
tom mix

Marilyn Monroe - Actress
marilyn monroe

William S. Burroughs - Writer
william s burroughs

Mahavatar Babaji - Hindu Guru
sri mahavatar babaji

Stan Laurel - Comedian
stan laurel

Richard Lindner - Artist
richard lindner

Oliver Hardy- Comedian
oliver hardy

Karl Marx- Political Philosopher
karl marx

H. G. Wells - Writer
hg wells

Paramahansa Yogananda- Hindu Guru
sri paramahansa yogananda

Sigmund Freud - Psychiatrist
sigmund freud

Second Row
Stuart Sutcliffe- Musician / Former Beatle
stuart sutcliffe

Max Miller- Comedian
max miller

A Petty Girl - A Series of Cartoon Pin-up Girls by Artist George Petty
a second petty girl appears in the front row
the petty girl

Marlon Brando - Actor
marlon brando

Tom Mix - Actor
tom mix

Oscar Wilde- writer
oscar wilde

Tyrone Power- Actor
tyrone power

Larry Bell- Artist
larry bell

David Livingstone - Missionary
david livingstone

Johnny Weissmuller- Actor
johnny weissmuller

Stephen Crane - Writer
stephen crane

Issy Bonn - Comedian
issy bonn

George Bernard Shaw - Playwright
george bernard shaw

H. C. Westermann - Sculptor
hc westermann

Albert Stubbins- English Football Player
albert stubbins

Sri Lahiri Mahasaya - Guru
lahiri mahasaya

Lewis Carroll - Writer
lewis carroll

T. E. Lawrence- The Historical Lawrence of Arabia
te lawrence

Front Row
Sonny Liston- Boxer
sonny liston

Shirley Temple (appears three times on the cover)
shirley temple

Albert Einstein - Physicist
albert einstein

The Beatles (John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and
George Harrison) all appear twice - once as wax models.
the beatles

Bobby Breen - Musician
bobby breen

Marlene Dietrich - Actress
marlene dietrich

Diana Dors - Actress
diana dors

A few additional facts about the Sgt Pepper Album Art:
  • Two figures in the cover photo are hairdresser's wax dummies.
  • It was the first UK album to have the lyrics printed on the inside cover.
  • There was a long running urban legend that the green plants in the photo are cannabis.

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