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100 Costume Ideas For Women (with photos)

        posted by emmy, Spacious Planet, February 06, 2012

If you show up to your costume or Halloween party in a boring costume you're going to regret it. These days, people put effort into their costumes. It's a great way to celebrate — to become a different person for one night.

These 100 costume ideas will get you started. They're easy to find costumes — the timeless classics. The most unique (attention grabbing) costumes are usually variations of these.

1. Cinderella

Cinderella is the most popular costume of the Disney princesses.

cinderella costume
(click to enlarge)

2. Hula Girl

Practice your hula dance before wearing this costume. People will try to get you to hula all night. It's harder than it looks.

hula girl costume

3. Policewoman

A inexpensive, fun and recognizable costume.

police girl costume

4. French Maid

It's relatively expensive to get this costume right.

french maid costume

5. Angel

Variations include fallen angel and dark angel.

angel costume for women

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100 Costume Ideas For Women (with photos)

Ariel, Vampire Girl, Cheerleader, Carrie, Zombie Girl

Princess Leia Slave Girl, 80s Costumes, Mario and Luigi, Girl Scout, Egyptian Queen
Mermaid Costume, Pirate Girl, Mummy Girl, Robin, Nemo
Lederhosen, Spider Girl, Medusa, Figherfighter, Flapper Girl
Butterfly, Cave Woman, Dorothy, Princess Leia, Zombie Bride
Viking Costume, Eve, Arabian Girl, Tinkerbell, Cat Woman
Censored Girl, Renaissance Costumes, Ghost, Super Woman, Prison Girl
Gangster Girl, Cleopatra, USO Girl, Skeleton, Cowgirl
Barbie, Alien / Na'vi Girl, Captain America Girl, Poison Ivy, Pikachu
Mad Hatter, Minnie Mouse, Ninja Turtles, Pinup Girl, Nurse
Skeleton Costume, Ninja Girl, Flaminco Dancer, Belle, Boxing Girl
Marvin the Martian, Hippie Girl, Orion Slave Girl, Hillbilly Redneck, Victorian Gown
Rambo Girl, Witch, Zombie Hunter, Stewardess, Hooters Waitress
Jessica Rabbit, Ghostbuster, Snow White, Referee, Tiger
Female Storm Trooper, Startrek Girl, Queen of Hearts, Unicorn, Mona Lisa
Leopard, Leeloo, Smurfette, Joker Girl, Little Red Riding Hood
Bee Girl, School Girl, Hello Kitty, Belly Dancer, Twister
Disco Girl, Zorro, Wonder Woman, Freddy Krueger, Darth Vader Girl

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