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100 Costume Ideas For Women (part 13)

        posted by emmy, Spacious Planet, February 06, 2012

61. Marvin the Martian

Some costumes have Marvin's eyes built into your top so that you don't have to wear a heavy mask.

marvin the martian

62. Hippie Girl

Hippie Girl is an easy costume that works. It's much more difficult to look like a girl from the 1920s, 1940s, 1980s etc..

hippie costume

63. Orion Slave Girl

The green skinned alien women of Star Trek. Only Star Trek geeks will know you're an Orion Slave Girl but it's easy for everyone to see that you're an alien.

orion slave girl costume

64. Hillbilly Redneck

An easy costume that can be homemade.

hillbilly redneck costume

65. Victorian Gown

An expensive costume that works.

victorian costume

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