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100 Costume Ideas For Women (part 3)

        posted by emmy, Spacious Planet, February 06, 2012

11. Princess Leia Slave Girl

One of the best female costumes in movie history.

princess leia slave girl

12. 80s Costumes

1980s costumes are fun but you need friends to join you. If your the lone 80s costume at the party everyone will ask you the dreaded question all night — what are you supposed to be?

80s costume

13. Mario and Luigi

Princess Peach and Yoshi are good too — but aren't recognizable on their own.

mario and luigi costume

14. Girl Scout

Girl scout is a easy costume. Make sure to include a sash with merit badges. A basket of girl scout cookies doesn't hurt either. Vampire and zombie girl scouts also work well.

girl scout

15. Egyptian Queen

Make a clear decision whether you want to be Cleopatra or an Egyptian Queen. The two are very different.

egyptian queen

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