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100 Weddings in 100 Countries

        posted by holly prince, Spacious Planet, May 08, 2012

Weddings are the same in every country.

Sure, the traditions are different. The religion, fashion, budget and the food are also different.

However, weddings all celebrate the same thing — a union of love. This commonality is as interesting as the differences. Here's a glimpse at weddings in 100 countries.

1. Czech Republic

Prague seems like a mystical city from the past. It's architecture and excellent service industry make it an ideal place for a wedding.
Czech Republic wedding

2. Azerbaijan

Bride clapping along with the band.
Azerbaijan wedding

3. Argentina

A joyous reception in Buenos Aires.
Buenos Aires Wedding

Argentine Wedding Traditions

4. Bhutan

Bhutan's Royal Wedding.
Bhutan Royal Wedding

5. Ireland

ireland wedding

6. India

India wedding

7. Iceland

iceland wedding

8. Bahrain

Traditional Mehndi tattoo in Bahrain. Bahrain wedding

9. Greece

The captivating bride's maid.
Greece wedding

10. Bangladesh

In many countries weddings can drag on for days.
Bangladesh wedding

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