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1940s Fashion

Women's fashion of the 1940s was greatly influenced by World War II. During the war, materials were rationed and women made dresses from men's suits and any other available materials. The American cinema drove most fashion trends during this time and American women had more access to materials than their European counterparts. Some even managed to get nylon stockings that were incredibly popular at the time.

Women generally wore skirts at or near knee-length, simple blouses and smart jackets with padded shoulders.

After the war, there were many innovations in fashion as the restrictions on materials were once again eased. The French resumed their lead fashion role with designers such as Dior widely regarded as being the trendsetters of the period.

During WWII American women took the lead in fashion with Hollywood being the major fashion trend setter of the 1939-1945 period.
1940s American girls
classic beauty

After the war French designers staged a major comeback and the French became were the trendsetters in the period of 1945-1950.
stylish beauty
french fashions after the war

New materials such as nylon and latex became an instant hit with women but were unavailable during the war years.
nylon stockings

Long hair with curls was all the rage after a long period in the 1920s and 30s in which popular hairstyles were shorter.
north africa WWII

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