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50 Movie Villains Ranked By Intelligence

        posted by jerry kendal, Spacious Planet, October 09, 2011

50. Frankenstein (IQ: 29)
Frankenstein is not too fast on the uptake.

49. Biff Tannen - Back to the Future (IQ: 45)
biff tannen

48. Chucky - Child's Play (IQ: 46)

47. Nosferatu - Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror (IQ: 48)

46.Bill Lumbergh - Office Space (IQ: 52)
This guy is a tool.
office space

45. Bill the Butcher - Gangs of New York (IQ: 60)
bill the butcher cutting

44. Michael Myers - Halloween (IQ: 67)
michael myers

43. Tommy Devito - Goodfellas (IQ: 75)
tommy devito

42. Frank Booth - Blue Velvet (IQ: 80)
Frank Booth is a violent, sadistic psychopath with a taste for torture ... and is not all that bright.
frank booth

41. Ivan Drago - Rocky IV (IQ: 81)
ivan drago

40. The Wicked Witch of the West - The Wizard of Oz (IQ: 81)
the wicked witch of the west

39. Alex de Large - Clockwork Orange (IQ: 84)
Despite his love of Beethoven and flowery speech Alex de Large is not particularly smart.
clock work orange

38. The Alien - Alien (IQ: 84)
Alien is not super intelligent.

37. Sgt. Hartman - Full Metal Jacket (IQ: 84)
sgt hartman

36. Norman Bates - Psycho (IQ: 88)
Norman has a normal but not impressive IQ.
norman bates

35. Nurse Ratched - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (IQ: 91)
nurse ratched

34. Freddy Krueger - A Nightmare on Elm Street series (IQ: 95)
Freddy Krueger has average intelligence.
freddy krueger

33. Jack Torrance - The Shinning (IQ: 97)
jack torrance

32. David - The Lost Boys (IQ: 98)
kiefer sutherland david lost boys

31. Little Bill Daggett - Unforgiven (IQ: 100)
gene hackman

30. Max Cady - Cape Fear (IQ: 100)
max cady

29. Mr. Blonde - Reservoir Dogs (IQ: 101)
mr. blonde

28. Annie Wilkes - Misery (IQ: 102)
Although she's a bit of a psycho Annie Wilkes has normal intelligence.
annie wilkes

27. Gordon Gekko - Wall Street (IQ: 102)
Gordon Gekko may be successful but he is not super intelligent: just average.
gordon gekko

26. Regan Macneil - The Exorcist (IQ: 102)
regan macneil

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