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60 Best Pulp Fiction Covers Of All Time

Pulp Fiction refers to cheap mass market paperbacks published from the 1950s to 1970s. The term was popularized by the 1994 film of the same title.

Pulp Fiction was usually priced at 10 cents in the early 1950s. By the late 1970s, the price was up to 95 cents. At such a low price, Pulp Fiction was designed to sell plenty of copies ... the pervasive themes were sex, crime and Sci-fi.

Publishers of Pulp Fiction often put more thought into cover art than quality writing. In fact, Pulp Fiction cover art is amongst the most imaginative and under-rated art around. (some of the writing was good as well)

60. I Should Have Stayed Home
used paperbacks

59. The Day They H-Bombed Los Angeles
american science fiction

58. When Worlds Collide
scifi classic book

57. Titan's Daughter
best scifi covers

56. 43,000 Years Later
vintage scifi book

55. Again Sanders
vintage paperbacks

54. Hit Them Where it Hurts
buy pulp

53. The Sleeping Sphinx
vintage murder novel

52. The Blond Died Dancing
1970s fiction

51. Myth Master
book cover art and design

50. The Baby Doll Murders
pulp book

49. A Plague of Passions
pulp fiction

48. The Man Who Japed
vintage books

47. Hot Rod
hot rod

46. Kiss Me, Deadly
classic thiller

45. The Lion House

44. Shabby Street
pulp fiction books

43. Tough Cop
pulp police drama

42. Fingers of Fear
used paperbacks

41. A Woman a Day
used paperbacks

40. Blue Mascara Tears
book cover art

39. Atlantic Avenue
atlantic avenue

38. Killer in Drag
edward d wood jr

37. Lust Dream
lust dream

36. Side-show Siren
ed wood books

35. The Mucker
pulp fiction art

34. The Case of the Curious Bride
perry mason

33. Drunkard's Walk
old paperbacks

32. Double Double
ellery queen

31. The Tenth Victim
pulp scifi

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