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77 Tattoo Ideas For Men Part 3

25. Patriotic Tattoos
Love your country? Why not show it ... flags and national symbols are amongst the most popular tattoos for men.
america tattoo

24. Robots
You can't go wrong with a robot tattoo.
robot tattoo

23. Geisha
Geisha and Japanese Ukiyo-e art make for epic tattoos.
geisha tattoo

22. Pinups
pinup tattoo

21. Octopus
octopus tattoo

20. Crowns
crown tattoo

19. Leprechaun
Mischievous little old men of Irish folklore.
leprechaun tattoo

18. Horror Movies
Horror movie characters such as Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein, Dracula, Freddy Krueger etc..
horror movie tattoo

17. Anchor
Many classic tattoos for men are rooted in sailing traditions.
anchor tattoo

16. Skulls and Daggers
dagger tattoo

15. Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Tell your friends you understand the meaning.
egyptian tattoo

14. Celtic Tree of Life
An ancient Celt symbol in which the branches and roots of the tree are symmetrical ... symbolizing connection with the afterlife.
celtic tree of life

13. Koi
Koi are the most popular Japanese Tattoo.
koi tattoo

12. Technology Tattoos
Nerd? Why not show it.
binary tattoo

11. Celtic Cross
A Christian symbol from the Celtic tribes of Europe.
celtic cross

10. Compass
compass tattoo

9. Fish
With over 31,500 species of fish on the planet the possibilities are endless.
fish tattoo

8. Chinese / Japanese characters
Looks cool but make sure you know precisely what they mean. Talk to a native speaker and get them to approve the characters first. Characters can have many meanings and interpretations ... don't rely on a dictionary. The last thing you need is people laughing at you because you have tattooed something bizarre on yourself.
kanji tattoo

7. Cars / Motorcycles
motorcycle tattoo

6. Crows and Ravens
Ravens have long captivated human imagination and have been the subject of much myth, legend and lore throughout the centuries. In many Western countries the Raven has long symbolized ill fortune. In Germany they were thought to be the souls of the damned. In Sweden they were also considered to be ghostly spirits.
crow tattoo

5. Dragons
Dragons are a common feature of European, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Persian mythology. Chinese dragons are the most common style for tattoos but there are many possibilities.
dragon tattoo

4. Ships
ship tattoo

3. Stars
nautical star tattoo

2. Phoenix tattoo
The mythical Phoenix is reborn every 500 to 1000 years in fire and represents longevity.
phoenix tattoo

1. Tribal
From Maori to Hawaiian, Iroquois to Mayan ... tribal tattoos are by far the most popular type of tattoo for men.
tribal tattoo
tribal tattootribal tattootribal tattoo

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