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77 Tattoo Ideas For Women

Looking for tattoo inspiration?

We have ranked the 77 most popular tattoo designs for women. Even if you are looking for a unique design these popular themes may give you some ideas.

77. Eye of Horus
The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection used by royals to ward off evil spirits.
horus eye tattoo

76. Ladybugs
ladybug tattoo

75. Celebrities
elvis tattoo

74. Family Crests
family crest tattoo

73. Compass
compass tattoo

72. Cherries
cherry tattoo

71. Chrysanthemum
chrysanthemum tattoo

70. Maps
map tattoo

69. Diamonds
It may be cliché but diamonds are a girls best friend.
diamond tattoo

68. Frogs
frog tattoo

67. Fairies
fairy tattoo

66. Guns
gun tattoo

65. Zodiac Symbols
What's your sign?
scorpion tattoo

64. Owls
owl tattoo

63. Seahorses
seahorse tattoo

62. Cartoon Characters
hello kitty

61. Parrots
parrot tattoo

60. Octopus
octopus tattoo

59. Playboy bunny
playboy tattoo

58. Shells
shell tattoo

57. Elephants
elephant tattoo

56. Lions
lion tattoo

55. Music notes
music tattoo

54. Fruit
fruit tattoo

53. Lotus
lotus tattoo

52. Geisha
geisha tattoo

51. Comic Book Characters
harley quinn tattoo

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