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Body Painting

        posted by elsy, Spacious Planet, November 01, 2011

Body painting is considered to be one of the earliest forms of art. Body painting with mud and natural pigments was almost universal amongst tribal cultures around the world including African, South American, Native American and Pacific tribe peoples.

Body painting was often a key part of rituals and celebrations and often had spiritual significance. Today, these tribal traditions are kept alive in many parts of the world and new forms of body painting are emerging in modern cultures. In fact, there has been a recent revitalization of body painting art and there is renewed interest amongst artists. Body painting is increasingly popular with modern subcultures such as cosplaying and has also become an integral part of cultural phenomenon such as Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and the Burning Man festival.

New materials and techniques have pushed the art of body painting in new and fascinating directions. For example, the following image has not been photoshoped and the camouflage effect is from the body painting matching the background:
world body painting festival

face paint

body painting festivals

While traditional body painting was often used in spiritual ritual or for war and hunting, modern body painting is used in everything from fine art to erotic adornment it is used by artists, the fashion industry, the military, sports fans, cosplayers and festival participants.


Body Painting

The World Bodypainting Festival is the world's premier body painting festival held each year in Seeboden Austria.

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