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Copyright Policy

All content on Spacious Planet is copyrighted and can not be used without written permission.

Yeah, but can I use your content?

We are open minded. We do occasionally give permission to republish. Some reasons we have accepted in the past include:

educational purposes

collaboration with other culture blogs

You can request written permission here.

What about your photos?

Most of the photos on Spacious Planet are uploaded by our members.

We do not own the copyright for most of the images — so we can't grant permission to use them. You need to contact the member who uploaded the photo.

My Copyrighted Image Appears On Spacious Planet

Spacious Planet strictly adheres to all copyright laws.

If you find a copyrighted photo please contact us and we will remove it. Please provide the name of the original copyright owner and the url where it originally appeared.

Members who violate copyright law are usually banned from the site.

Creative Commons Licensed Photos

Members are allowed to upload CC photos to Spacious Planet. They must credit the photo and comply with the CC license terms.

If your CC photo appears on Spacious Planet in violation of CC license terms — we can add a credit or remove it. It's up to you.

For any copyright concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us here.

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