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Dancing, the movement of the body to music, is something that transcends ethnicity or culture. Every world culture has some form of dance in its history. Dance is something that comes naturally to humans and if you play music for young kids they will naturally move to the music without needing to be taught.

Dancing can recreation, social activity, spiritual ritual or entertainment. Sociologists regard dance as a form of human communication. Dancing has evolved into hundreds of styles and traditions from Ancient Egyptian rain dances to Break Dancing, from Ballroom Dancing to Moshing. Dancing continues to evolve and will always be one of the fun and interesting parts of human culture.



At first, slam dancing had few rules of etiquette. Despite its rough appearance — it was all in the spirit of fun (few people got hurt or offended).

African dance is a broad category of dance encompassing hundreds of dance traditions from Africa.
Breakdancing (or B-boying) is a style of dance that comes from NYC in the late 1970s. Many people think it is a part of hip hop culture, but it is actually danced to a variety of music.

Bollywood Breakdancing

Capoeira is a popular Afro-Brazilian sport that mixes elements of marshal arts, dance and music.

Capoeira Basics Capoeira Videos

Flamenco is a the style of music and dance that originated within gypsy communities in Spain.
There are thousands of varieties of folk dance stemming from every culture in the World.

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