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Drunk Makeup Party On Tokyo Trains

        posted by tom, Spacious Planet, October 10, 2011

Japanese people are generally remarkably polite on trains. Considering how jam packed morning trains are in Tokyo, there are few problems and the commuters remain congenial as they are pressed together like sardines.

Naturally, with tens of millions of people commuting by train each morning in Japan there are some problems. The posters below target the two great villains of the Japanese train system: women who do their makeup on the train and drunk Japanese salary men who want to party on the commute home.

I can confirm it is actually pretty common to see women doing their makeup on Tokyo trains in the mornings. The following public service posters from one of the major train lines in Tokyo illustrate the problem.
japanese poster train manners

Drunk people are common in the evenings and cause even more havoc then the makeup ladies. The scenes depicted below are a common occurrence.
japanese posters
japanese trainjapanese train

This poster is targeted at commuters who make a dive for closing train doors. Most trains come every few minutes, but die-hard Tokyo commuters will gladly risk life and limb to save a few minutes.
japanese train

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