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Folk Dance

        posted by Kenta, Spacious Planet, December 29, 2011

There are thousands of varieties of folk dance stemming from hundreds of distinct cultures.

Folk dances are performed to traditional music and are non-professional dances. Folk dances evolve among the people, usually at times of celebration or ritual, and have no choreographer. Dances are passed on from generation to generation and taught by friends and relatives.

Many modern dances such as breakdancing have similar characteristics. However, the term folk dance is normally applied to dances with long historical traditions. Perhaps breakdancing will be considered a folk dance hundreds of years from now.

Folk dances develop amongst the common people and dance traditions of the upper class are generally not considered folk dances.

All over the world dances evolved to celebrate weddings, harvests and religious occasions. Dances sprang up to prepare for war or to bring good fortune such as fertility. These traditions are kept alive today by people interested in history and culture or by those who enjoy a old fashioned good time.

italian folk dance

folk dances

irish folk dance

folk dance festivals

folk dance festivals

filipino folk dance

chinese folk dance

english folk dance

english folk dance


Folk Dance

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