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Futurama Costumes

        posted by sam, Spacious Planet, October 09, 2011

Futurama is a scifi cartoon that is essentially a thirty-first century workplace sitcom. Futurama was developed by creator of the Simpsons Matt Groening. It has a cult following of die-hard fans.

One of the key strengths of the show is its character development and Futurama characters are popular costumes.

Leela is the mutant one-eyed Ship captain. She is the only competent worker at Planet Express.
leela costumefuturama costumefuturama costumefuturama cosplay

Bender is a heavy-drinking, cigar-smoking, angry, kleptomaniacal robot who has a love-hate relationship with humans.
bender costumebender costumebender costumefuturama costumesbender costumebender costume

Zoidberg is a lobster-like alien. He is a neurotic doctor who claims to be qualified to treat humans but seems to have limited knowledge of human anatomy.
zoidbergzoidberg costumefuturama costume

Amy Wong
Amy is a wealthy, accident-prone, permanent intern at Planet Express.
amy wong

Zapp Brannigan
The sleazy captain of the starship Nimbus who does not wear pants.
zapp brannigan

Kif Kroker
Timid lackey of Zapp Brannigan.
futurama costume

Philip J. Fry
A socially awkward, slacker pizza boy from the 21st century. Fry is a difficult costume because he looks like a normal guy.
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Nibbler is Leela's pet. He is only the size of a cat but can eat insane amounts of food and will eat practically anything. He seems innocent but his race is actually super intelligent and powerful.
nibblernibbler costume

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