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Halloween Costumes

If you show up to your costume or Halloween party in a boring costume you're going to regret it. Includes tips to avoid costume failure.

100 Costume Ideas For Women (part 2) 100 Costume Ideas For Women (part 3) 100 Costume Ideas For Women (part 4)

Couple costumes risk being a little lame .. but it can work. Couple costumes that work are not too cute . Super cute couple costumes work for kids but not adults.
Batman has captured the imagination of generations of comics and movie fans.
Carrie White ... Steven King's innocent girl scorned makes a eye-catching if somewhat gory costume.
Who doesn't want to dress up like an alien teddy bear from the forest moon of Endor?
Futurama characters are popular costumes.
If you ever get the chance to wear a Gumby costume you just might step out of character and go a little wild.
Robots seem to inspire people to make a homemade costume. The homemade costumes usually look better than store-bought costumes in the same price range.
Princess Jasmine is one of the nine Disney princesses and is always a popular costume for Halloween and cosplay events.
Snow White's iconic yellow skirt tends to be shorter in costumes than the cartoon.
Ah Superman costumes .... the surest way to be popular with the ladies next Halloween.
Everyone knows Teen Wolf and everyone loves Teen Wolf.

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