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Hip Hop Is Dead

        posted by ricky smith, Spacious Planet, October 09, 2011

When is the last time you heard teenagers talking about Ragtime or Jazz?

old music

old people


Ragtime and Jazz -- were once trendy and young. Now they are both the music of the old. It also happened to Rock n Roll, Disco, Heavy Metal and Grunge ...... It will happen to Hip Hop too.

Jazz is alive and well -- but no one under 25 cares.
jazz dance

Hippies grew up and became money obsessed adults living in the suburbs.

Disco died

Glam Metal was too cheesy to live.
glam metal

No one talks about grunge anymore -- although punk still has a solid following.

Beginning around 2000 Hip Hop music sales started to drop. By 2005, Hip Hop represented just 10% of total music sales. As of 2010, Hip Hop is still a popular youth subculture but it has gone into decline.

Hip Hop sprang out of the Bronx block party scene of the 1970s. By the late 1980s Hip Hop was discovered by bored suburban kids attracted by Hip Hop's urban message. Sales exploded.

Parents, teachers and the media panicked. Somehow these suburban kids identified with the Hip Hop messages soaked in crime, sex, misogyny, and urban lore.

2 live crew

hip hop dance

hip hop dj

snoop dogg

vibe magazine

By the late 1990s popular Hip Hop had lost its edge -- its bad ass lyrics and styles had become cliché.

50 cent

Hip Hop has fragmented into a hundred different styles from Turntablism to Nerdcore. Perhaps one of these will trigger the next great innovation in music. Or the next big thing could be something completely different ....

girl dj

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