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Near Death Experience Captured By Art

        posted by jerry kendal, Spacious Planet, October 10, 2011

Near death experiences have been a recurring subject of art since antiquity. It is a topic that can conjure up images of either extreme terror or shear bliss.

Artistic portrayals of near death experiences have always captured the imagination of the public. After all, death is surely an intriguing topic for just about everyone. Over the course of a lifetime many of us will help loved ones face their death and ultimately we will all die ourselves.

Whether you view death as a spiritual transformation or simply as the physical demise of the body, the best information about death may come from those that have come closest too it: the millions of people that have claimed to have experienced a near death experience.

Ascent of the Blessed by Hieronymus Bosch (around 1490)
hieronymus bosch

Gustave Doré's depiction of the accent to heaven
(illustration of Dante Alighieri in the Paradiso)
near death experience

the moment of death

near death experience

Achilles Searching for the Parocles - Henry Fuseli
henry fuseli achilles searching for the parocles 180

The Angel of Death - Evelyn De Morgan
the angel of death by evelyn de morgan

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