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Things To Do In Tokyo When You Are Dead

Visiting Tokyo but you're not really the Tokyo Disneyland type? Why not check out the dark side of Tokyo.

1. Dark and Vintage Tokyo Fashions
Tokyo is home to hundreds of youth fashion subcultures ― many of them drawing on dark and vintage influences. These include Gothic Lolita, Aristocrat, Neo-Victorian and Steampunk. The trends change from year to year but one thing remains a constant ― Sunday afternoons in Harajuku Tokyo are the best time and place to find these dark hipsters.

gothic fashion

japanese beauty

japanese boots

japanese fashion

japanese fashions

japanese skirt

2. Aoyama Cemetery
In the heart of Japan's upscale Aoyama district is one of Japan's biggest and oldest cemeteries. Quiet most of the year ― Aoyama Cemetery becomes party central in cherry blossom season.

japanese cemetary

aoyama cemetary

aoyama hanami

3. Manga / Anime
Japanese manga and anime range from super innocent to ultra dark. Check out one of Tokyo's many manga cafes for a sample.

dark manga



tokyo manga

4. Christon Cafe
Christon Cafe is a chain of Tokyo dining bars with a dark ambiance. (warning: the service here is terrible by Tokyo standards)

tokyo restaurants

tokyo restaurants

tokyo restaurants

5. Dark Tokyo Nightlife
If you can find the clubs where the Harajuku kids lurk at night ― they are well worth a visit. (not easy to find: clubs shift with the wind and all information is in Japanese)

tokyo clubs

6. Kabukicho
Near the east exit of Shinjuku station lies Japan's biggest redlight district - Kabukicho. Dark indeed. (keep in mind that this is a dangerous area ripe with yakuza, crime, scams and STDs)


things to do in tokyo

tokyo nightlife

tokyo nightlife

7. Pictures of the Floating World (Ukiyo-e)
Ukiyo-e are Japanese wood block prints. They can roughly be thought of as vintage manga. Many are highly acclaimed artworks. Much like manga they are steeped in sex, crime and historical lore. Check out the Ukiyo-e Museum in Toyosu.

japanese art

ukiyo e

japanese ghost stories

8. Japanese Horror Films
Japanese Horror Films are often based on Japanese mythology and urban legend. Many of them are bone chilling. Why not check out a Japanese movie in Tokyo. (luckily horror films often make sense without subtitles)

japanese horror movie

9. Love Hotels
Love Hotels are not as dark as they might seem. They are used by virtually everyone in Japan including married couples.

love hotels

things to do in tokyo

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